Product Details

Dive Into The Details

With a plethora of large multinationals inundating consumers with products, it becomes the responsibility of smaller businesses to distill and bring the best possible products to you. Time has been spent in each factory to understand each of their capabilities to meet the product’s requirements. Every aspect of Sand & Salt shorts has been researched, from the drawstrings to the yarn used in the mesh. This has been done keeping quality and comfort in mind.
The details make the difference.

Printed Shorts Fabric

100% Microfiber Polyester

Microfiber yarns are 1/5th the diameter of human hair. This fine yarn allows for a soft touch, a quick release of water, and once wove, provides a robust cloth that can withstand the elements of a break in the sun, sea and sand. Our designs are aimed to bring a sense of sophistication and relaxation. A product of Thailand.

Dyed Shorts Fabric

100% Nylon

Nylon in its element provides a natural crush to the fabric with a matte effect that has been found to be suitable for swim shorts with our print. A product of Japan.

Inner Mesh

100% Polyester Knit

Usually, a neglected part of swim shorts. The mesh in a pair of Sand & Salt shorts are knitted closer together than generic swim shorts, whilst dispensing water at the rate you are used to. A product of Japan.

Fit & Stitching

The essence of quality and comfort.

Sand & Salt is catered to the modern man, without being judgmental. With a 6” inseam, the shorts are cut to be at a length that men will feel comfortable in—you do not have to be model to appreciate a pair. The shorts are comfortable and stylish. Crafted in Thailand.